A Control Freak’s Nightmare

As my last post stated, Liz styled me for a day and it was definitely a learning experience. Although there’s times where we find ourselves wearing similar outfits, her eye for styling is definitely different than mine. Liz immediately gravitated towards knits and pattern and hip hugging jeans. I winced as I saw her go through my clothing, Liz excitedly taking clothes off my closet and laying them on my bed. I’m not sure why I was even surprised towards her clothing selections because I totally knew she was going to dress me in something super feminine. An aesthetic I actively choose not to dress in unless I’m going out and even then, I really try to avoid it. Although it’s really flattering to show off your curves, comfort takes precedence before anything else when it comes to the way I dress.

So for the outfit, Liz selected mid-rise skinny jeans with a slight tear in the knee area, a paisley 70’s inspired flowy blouse, with chunky platform heels. She ran to her room and demanded I wear her hat so I obliged. I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked like hardcore diva. It was so…LIZ. Flashy, feminine and stylish, completely unapologetic in the attention the get-up demanded.


It was so dark at 6 p.m., it was kind of a nightmare but hopefully it still works with the image.


This was me being silly but it actually turned out to be a good shot. Possibly the best shot if it weren’t for that car, oh well.


I love this picture and how dated it looks. Although Liz did try to incorporate her style elements into my outfit, she managed to style in my love for 70’s bohemian style.

We then proceeded to go down to The Square to take pictures, the downtown area of San Marcos, and OF COURSE, there was an event going on. I was hobbling in my heels, trying to balance a good pose and people walked by, awkwardly apologizing as they walked through the shot. I grew exasperated, uncomfortable in my outfit and the attention I was getting. Until I realized that it was all in my head. I was simply projecting all my internal discomfort to my surroundings. I immediately felt silly for feeling that strongly about clothing and embraced Liz’s perspective. A perspective that is completely opposite to my own but necessary to get out of your own head space. Although the premise of this post was to mix it up and do something different, it really made me analyze myself and understand Liz a little bit better.

This whole look reminded me of Rachel Zoe, fashion designer and celebrity stylist. Coincidentally, Zoe has an affinity to dress in 70’s style and pays an homage to that stylish decade every chance she gets. Here’s a link to her lifestyle website that serves an important website for styling inspo: http://thezoereport.com/


Aztec Queen Liz

For this blog post, I decided to dedicate several posts to my dear friend and roommate, Elizabeth. Liz and I go back since high school, the moment that cemented our friendship was the fanatic teenage adoration we had for The Academy Is. Our music taste, dislike for snobs,  obsession with books and love for luxurious things were the basic elements that formed our friendship. Our personalities and fashion sense however could not be any more different.

Liz personality is lively and outgoing. She creates an inviting environment for those around her, displaying a keen interest in the people she encounters. She’s noble, charismatic and coquettish, her characteristics reflected in her style.

Liz’s style incorporates classic staples with trendy accessories to make the look feel current. She’s drawn to clothes that flatter and work with her body while still concerned with making it her own. Although she sticks to feminine pieces such as squirts, flats and blouses, she mixes in tomboy elements like an over-sized jacket, rugged boots and boyfriend jeans to make the look entirely her own. The way she assembles her outfits are almost strategic. It’s confident but relaxed, delicate yet empowered and in your face without being too overwhelming. It’s a perfect paradox that functions so beautifully and why I selected her as my stylist for a day. Here’s a gallery of Liz working what her super sweet momma gave her (disclaimer: her mom is the cutest)

To see Liz’s direct influences, you can check out: http://lookbook.nu/

This website is dominated by user content and thrives through fashion bloggers posting their looks, linking their personal blogs to their posts, with the hopes of  acquiring followers. The website has the option of filtering the bloggers through the different styles you’re interested in and Liz has found a lot of inspiration for her style through the content.


Liz looking super angelic at The Square in San Marcos, Texas.


Super luxe look combination between the statement necklace and thick-knit sweater.


Mean mugging like the models in her Glamour Magazine. WORK IT LIZ!

Liz letting everyone know she’s a boss.


For this blog post, I decided to pay an homage to the East side of Austin by featuring my photos on that setting. The streets are so rich of Chicano culture, vibrant colors, and murals, it’s the closest thing I have to home without the three hour drive.

I love Austin. I love how you can simply walk through town and encounter events and interesting characters. The East side of Austin however is my favorite part of Austin. It brings me so much comfort when I see taquerias at every corner, meat markets, the Cesar Chavez street sign and murals dedicated to powerful Hispanic symbols. There’s a sense of belonging and pride that is felt throughout the community, visually rebelling towards the gentrification that has been taking over the neighborhood.

It makes me sad that the East side of Austin, a place a where Latino generations have resided in due to segregation are now struggling to maintain their properties. Latinos that have lived on the East side for generations are now forced to pay sky high taxes or altogether abandon their homes because of the influx of wealthy people and businesses on their territory. I chose this location because  it’s important to draw attention to an issue that is often dismissed. Although my blog is dedicated to style, I felt it necessary to use this platform to discuss an issue that hits home.

To learn more, here’s an article about businesses contributing to gentrification: http://www.austinchronicle.com/news/2015-04-10/eastward-expansion/

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Pumpkin Spice and Midterms

It’s October, the wind is fresh, and the over hyped pumpkin spice has made its way an over priced coffee chain. To put it simply, Fall is finally upon  us and I could not be happier. Although in Texas, the seasons are completely skewed, it is finally acceptable to wear long sleeves, cardigans, knee socks and maybe in another month, coats and beanies. AND I could not be any more excited.

In honor of Fall, I decided to pull out my orange turtleneck, rose colored knee-socks and jean skirt to celebrate the start of a new season. Inspiration came from two sources. The first source was my surroundings. Due to midterms, my second home was the library. I felt so collegiate marching to the campus library everyday and I wanted to base my clothing on that accomplished feeling. Although I could’ve easily gone with a cliched school girl vibe aka a blazer and plaid skirt, I wanted to represent a look that referenced an important time for women (and simultaneously honor Velma from Scooby Boo.)

Coincidentally enough, I found an album of collegiate women in the 1970’s and I knew I had to incorporate them in my blog.

Here’s the link for the photo album and a short bio of their college campus


saint josephs sj3


Here was my take from the photos, hope ya’ll enjoy!

blue 1

check outreading

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outsidestare 3stacks 3

Review Time: Tavi Gevinson

Tami Gevinson is what all fashion bloggers aspire to be. At a tender age of 12, Gevinson had her own blog. The content of her blog consisting of straight off the runway inspiration and how she incorporated those avant-garde quirky pieces to her everyday life. Gevinson’s eye for fashion wasn’t the only thing that set her apart from her peers. She had a voice people could relate to, constantly updating her outfits but also documenting her school life. Gevinson would update her followers about her life, whether it was the awkwardness of puberty or commentary about fashion, the readers loved it. Gevinson’s blog Style Rookie which then turned to Rookie Magazine attracted over 30,000 followers, her popularity catapulting  to every fashion bloggers dream: front row at New York Fashion Week.  Now at only 19, Gevinson has set her sights on different areas of art such as acting and occasionally contributing to several magazines. However, Gevison will always remain an example of someone that succeeded due to her uniqueness and distinct voice. She seperated herself from the mass of the fashion bloggers by not only showcasing fashion in a fun and charming way but by using that platform to speak about bigger issues to young girls.

tavi-gevinson1Here’s Gevinson when she first began in 2008

taviNow, an awesome blossoming young woman

Although her blog has fallen on the backburner since her career is more focused on acting and ongoing amount of side projects, Gevinson occasionally updates her blog. Her posts have become more about promoting her series Rookie, magazines that are organized by the previous content she had put in her style blog. The magazine also contains interviews with entertainers, activists, famous writers, and designers, as well as general advice and creative fashion spreads. The magazines are whimsical but personal, just like Gevinson’s blog. It seems that as Gevinson grew up, the course of her blog took a turn as well. Gevinson now uses her blog to update her followers on her endouvers and projects, depending less on fashion but on social commentary and writing.

I chose Gevinson because she’s an example of someone who grew with her project. She started out with fashion and ended evolving herself to an actress and a writer. She’s a great example of someone that is consistent and that was successful in creating her own content. She succeeded because her voice was genuine and that’s an achievement I would want to undertake.

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at the laundromat in San Marcos, Texas.

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’m now fueled with inspiration and I just want to put out so much material in my blog. I have yet to draw anything but that will be the goal for the week!

Anyway, last week’s look was inspired by comfort and sportswear. Comfort is the most important component for my everyday look. I hate to dress in a way that I feel like I should be tugging and pulling down. Not only do I feel self conscious and awkward but it ruins the whole look for me. Bottom line: comfort over everything is the key to dressing as long as it fits you properly, of course.

Sportswear is another influence in the look you see today. Caps, sneakers and denim are classic staples but have greatly emerged on runways in the last 3 years or so. Brands like Reebok, Addidas, Nike and New Balance have been spotted on fashion editors and bloggers, backing up my statement that comfort is KEY! I’m not sure if that’s really the reason but what I do know is that I enjoy the way these accessories such as a cap, a jacket, and shoes like my knock off Timberlands can do to tie in a whole outfit and give a completely different twist to an otherwise plain outfit.

Another thing I would like to point out are the details of what I’m wearing. As a working college student, there’s no way I can buy name brand clothing as much as I would like to. At this point of my life, I’m completely fine with finding stuff on thrift stores, fast fashion department stores, or even Wal-Mart or Target and just improvise with what I’ve got. I believe in that way you’re actually putting your creativity to work and most importantly, saving that cash money! (grocery money, mainly *insert sad emoji face). So for the details of my outfit, I’m wearing a t-shirt from San Marcos’ Retro Exchange, denim shorts and jacket from Forever 21, boots were bought at PacSun (not sure what brand), athletic men socks are from American Apparel and my cap was a cool 3 bucks at Wal-Mart.

For this week, the blogs I looked for inspiration were:




Alrighty, well I believe that’s all I have to say BUT I will be posting a lot more cool stuff this week so PLEASE keep reading. Also comment for any questions or feedback!
This is Genesis signing off, have a great week!!standing

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Yup, That’s me

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f21 top, american apparel shorts, jelly sandals from retro exchance, and bucket hat from Jack

So for my first official blog post, I want to talk about a little bit about myself, my influences and what I hope to experience from venturing into this exciting yet terrifying territory of blogging.

Growing up in a household that was right next to the Mexican border, the colors surrounding me were always super vibrant and colorful. The neighborhoods we would drive through were yellow, green, turquoise and my refrigerator was adorned heavily by colorful fruit magnets. I love going to the grocery store and seeing the assortment of colors,or going to the candle aisle and seeing so many beautiful color schemes and robes on these idyllic figures. I was fascinated by how easily my mood would change when I was around beauty and I have been pursuing this instant happiness for as long as I can remember.

Although some may perceive fashion to be shallow or useless, I think it’s a very essential part of our identity. The way I dress is not about being trendy or cool, it’s about projecting an image of who I am to others and representing who I am. I admire bloggers like Tavi Gevinsen http://www.thestylerookie.com/ or Julie Sarinana http://sincerelyjules.com/about, whom chronicled their lifestyle through their fashion and built a huge following as well as an empire through it. What separates them from the thousands of bloggers that exist is their unique voice and story they tell through their style as well as their discipline to constantly communicate with their followers.

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