Every Day Counts

Hellooo and thank you for reading my blog! Unfortunately, I haven’t been posting as regularly as I would like to BUT I will make it my absolute goal to produce and keep posting on this blog. A big reason why I haven’t been as active is that I have become generally uninspired and plagued by negative thoughts. Complete laziness ensues and I tell myself, “oh yeah, you’ll just get to that after work tomorrow.” Which is a total and complete lie because I just get out work, go for a run, eat my feelings and sleep.

It’s hard to disconnect yourself from that cycle and fall into the trap that almost every working adult goes through. It’s an easy, unchallenging, and comfortable trap that we just accept so we try to squeeze as much entertainment and indulgence on the weekends to make up for the discontent during the week. After noticing this pattern, I really could not sit there and watch this happen for the next months/years of my life. Every day and every decision matters, we don’t realize this in the moment because we get so caught up in our needs and immediate wants but thinking about it in the larger scheme of things is an immense phenomenon to accept. I could either let this truth overwhelm me (which i’m not going to lie, it did ) but I could take this truth and run with it. Let every day be an opportunity to create, listen, learn, and observe.

With that said, my blog will have a makeover. I want to incorporate my art, some writing, and even collaborate if anyone’s up for it. I want to create more content even if I don’t think it’s great, it’s the only way to get better .

Thanks for reading and I hope ya’ll have a great productive and fulfilling week,

Genesis edited fantatastic 134.jpg


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