It’s been a goooood while since I’ve posted and I promise I have good excuses! I just relocated, got a new job and currently still applying for other jobs. It’s taking a while for me to find a balance but I’m patiently hoping I’ll get there. It just feels so strange that this blog is no longer for a class and I guess that’s another contributor as to why I haven’t touched this blog. I really miss college, the freedom, the deadlines, the critique. Not having the constant feedback and reinforcement has driven me to a block where I don’t see the point in creating anything. It’s not a desirable state of mind to be in but I suppose it’s a just a natural reaction that happens when you transition from a college student to an adult who works 40 hrs a week in a monotonous job.

However I refuse to let this little roadblock completely hinder my growth and simply take it as an opportunity to learn how to adapt and thrive in change. I have so many plans and so many things I want to make. This blog will continue as long as I do and thank you for whomever is reading this right now. I sound so whiny and preachy but I promise, I’ll go back to my normal self soon.

Meanwhile enjoy the pics of me under the bridge acting like a complete fool. Clothes worn were by storedogdog, forever21, passed on military jacket, and sneakers are from Reebok.

eyes closed






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