Winter Blues

This time of year is by far THE most stressful time of the year.  Finals, deadlines and winter blues hit you hard and fashion becomes the last concern on your priority list. The more over-sized and warm clothing is the better. Clothing is utilized for durability, how long it’ll keep you warm and most of all, comfortable. It becomes your armor rather than a commodity. For stressful times like these I resort to my uniform: over-sized sweaters, jeans, hat/beanie and tennis shoes. It’s my dependable go to. My untamed hair is hidden, the amount of time I spend at the library is limitless since my feet are comfy and my thick sweater keeps me warm.
The thick sweater I have on happens to be my all time favorite. Not only is it super warm and reminds me of Christmas but it used be my late father’s sweater when he was going steady with my mom. I know it’s silly but it makes me feel that much more protected to be wearing an item that was worn by my dad at pretty much the same age as me. At a time where my sanity is hanging on by a thread, wearing my dad’s sweater reminds me to keep going for the future my parents had hoped for me one day.

Moving on from emotional sleep deprived me writing to details of the shoots, I decided to fancy it up slightly because I can’t look like my usual hobo self for a blog dedicated strictly to fashion. Here are some of the pictures I managed to take today although I apologize beforehand because I am severely sleep deprived due to incessant finals cramming.

For some style inspo on college students looking pretty stylin’ while trying to remain sane go to:[1]IMG_14831[1]



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