A Control Freak’s Nightmare

As my last post stated, Liz styled me for a day and it was definitely a learning experience. Although there’s times where we find ourselves wearing similar outfits, her eye for styling is definitely different than mine. Liz immediately gravitated towards knits and pattern and hip hugging jeans. I winced as I saw her go through my clothing, Liz excitedly taking clothes off my closet and laying them on my bed. I’m not sure why I was even surprised towards her clothing selections because I totally knew she was going to dress me in something super feminine. An aesthetic I actively choose not to dress in unless I’m going out and even then, I really try to avoid it. Although it’s really flattering to show off your curves, comfort takes precedence before anything else when it comes to the way I dress.

So for the outfit, Liz selected mid-rise skinny jeans with a slight tear in the knee area, a paisley 70’s inspired flowy blouse, with chunky platform heels. She ran to her room and demanded I wear her hat so I obliged. I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked like hardcore diva. It was so…LIZ. Flashy, feminine and stylish, completely unapologetic in the attention the get-up demanded.


It was so dark at 6 p.m., it was kind of a nightmare but hopefully it still works with the image.


This was me being silly but it actually turned out to be a good shot. Possibly the best shot if it weren’t for that car, oh well.


I love this picture and how dated it looks. Although Liz did try to incorporate her style elements into my outfit, she managed to style in my love for 70’s bohemian style.

We then proceeded to go down to The Square to take pictures, the downtown area of San Marcos, and OF COURSE, there was an event going on. I was hobbling in my heels, trying to balance a good pose and people walked by, awkwardly apologizing as they walked through the shot. I grew exasperated, uncomfortable in my outfit and the attention I was getting. Until I realized that it was all in my head. I was simply projecting all my internal discomfort to my surroundings. I immediately felt silly for feeling that strongly about clothing and embraced Liz’s perspective. A perspective that is completely opposite to my own but necessary to get out of your own head space. Although the premise of this post was to mix it up and do something different, it really made me analyze myself and understand Liz a little bit better.

This whole look reminded me of Rachel Zoe, fashion designer and celebrity stylist. Coincidentally, Zoe has an affinity to dress in 70’s style and pays an homage to that stylish decade every chance she gets. Here’s a link to her lifestyle website that serves an important website for styling inspo: http://thezoereport.com/


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